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5 Tips to Make Your Resume Fit the Job You’ve written the perfect résumé.

The hard work is over; now you can send it out over and over again, right? Sadly, wrong. You should customize your résumé for each job at every company. We’re not advocating creating falsehoods (you’ll hear this repeatedly from the Fits Bits team), but knowing what the employer values and how to best present your information is important.

1. Read the job description You probably read the job description. But did you really, you know, read it? Take a good look at the job description again. Are there repeated traits? Emphasized skills? In what order did they appear? What’s listed as “required” and what is “desired”? These are all clues to what the employer values. Construct your résumé accordingly.

2. Learn the language Every company has their own jargon and job titles. If your current job is similar to theirs in duties and experience but has a different job title, be sure to weave in their job titlein your description (again, as long as it’s appropriate). For example, if your job title is “technical support director,” and their title is “service desk analyst,” include in your job description, “Managed all service desk analyst duties.”

3. Spotlight what’s important Cookie-cutter, old-school résumés don’t work for every position at every company. Even if all the (dust-collecting) books tell you to format your résumé in a specific way, make your résumé stand out by putting important information up front. For instance, a lot of startups these days aren’t impressed by college degrees. They want to know what you’ve done, and what you know. Rearrange your résumé to make sure the most relevant information is right where they can see it.

4. Delete what’s not I know, it’s hard to delete information, skills, or experience from your résumé. It’s like deleting a part of your past. But think of it this way: Your résumé should be laser-focused on the position, and extra information will only serve to distract the recruiter. Of course, don’t delete entire jobs and create gaps in your employment record, but if the experience doesn’t directly relate to the job you’re applying for, de-emphasize it.

5. Use our services we’ll help you stand out.

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Youth Unemployment Surges World-Wide

By Justin Lahart

The ranks of the young unemployed have swelled.

The March employment report showed that American workers aged 16-24 had an unemployment rate of 18.8%, nearly double the 9.7% unemployment rate for the population at large. Even though these young workers represent only about an eighth of the work force, they account for a quarter of America’s unemployed.

But rising youth unemployment is not just an American problem, points out  a report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Across the 30 OECD countries, there are nearly 15 million unemployed workers aged 15-24 — four million more than at the end of 2007. In France and Italy, one in four young workers are unemployed; in Spain, 40% are jobless.

The currently high levels of youth unemployment could have negative long-term consequences, the report’s authors say.

“For disadvantaged youth lacking basic education, failure to find a first job or keep it for long can have negative long-term consequences on their career prospects that some experts refer to as ‘scarring’.,” they write. “Beyond the negative effects on future wages and employability, long spells of unemployment while young often create permanent scars through the harmful effects on a number of other outcomes, including happiness, job satisfaction and health, many years later.”

One solution, they say, would be to expand apprenticeship programs, which allow young workers to acquire skills and work experience. It seems to be working in Germany, where the ratio of youth unemployment to adult unemployment is 1.5 to 1, compared to 2.8 to 1 across the OECD area.

For more news and data about jobs:

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