Finding a New Job As If Your Life Depended on It: Part Two – Communicate Your Value Read more on the Simply Hired Blog

Finding a New Job As If Your Life Depended on It: Part Two – Communicate Your Value

By Andrew Neitlich

Andrew Neitlich

The previous blog entry presented the first in a four-step process for finding a new job. It challenged you to pretend that your life – and the lives of those dearest to you – depended on finding a new job. It asked you to pretend that you get an anonymous call on your cell phone. The person on the other end gives you very scary news. They are holding hostage the person in your life that you hold most dear. You have exactly 30 days to find a new job, or you will never see this person again. At the same time, if you fail, they will come and get you next. Then they hang up.

Step one was to get into the mindset you would have if this really happened to you. Now you are ready for step two….

Step Two: Create messages that communicate your value. Lives are at stake, but you can’t just scramble around looking for a new job. You have to be efficient. You need a strong foundation before you can take action. You have to know how to communicate your value to others so that they notice you, and think of you first when they have a need.

Most people have no idea how to communicate their value to other people. Specifically, they can’t justify how they can bring value equal to two, three, five, even ten times their salary and benefits back to a company.

Once again, you are different. You can tell people precisely how you help them, and the benefits they get by hiring you. How can you help increase sales? Decrease costs? Improve customer relationships and create raving, loyal fans? Bring new products to market more quickly and successfully? Save your boss time and hassle, so that he can focus on advancing his own career?

Once you figure out how you add value, you need to be able to explain your unique edge. Why you? What sets you apart compared to everyone else looking?

Finally, you need to prove that your claims are true, with past achievements, references, and case studies about your results.

If you can do this, you have a good chance of seeing your loved one again. If you can’t, you need to finesse your story as best you can because, again, your life depends on it.

Once you have your messages in place, you can move to Step Three, coming next.
Andrew Neitlich is the co-author, with Jay Conrad Levinson, of Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career, a book that reveals the secrets to career success in perpetually gut-wrenching times. For more information, and for additional articles, visit He also runs the Center for Career Coaching, which trains career coaches.



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